2014 Boston Music Awards

Now entering it’s 27th year, the event itself is less of a traditional awards show and more of a rolling party with multiple stages and extended sets from nominated artists. This year’s event will be at the Revere Hotel in Boston on December 14th. We are ecstatic about this year’s LINEUP WHICH WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN NOVEMBER.

Once again, the BMAs will feature some of the region’s most compelling emerging and established talent from Garage to Rock to Pop to Blues, Metal, Punk, Indie, Americana, International, Jazz, Hip Hop, RNB, Electronic, Folk and everything in between. The party will roll! We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the collective accomplishments of our unique and immensely talented music scene.

Who is eligible for a Boston Music Award?

A musician, producer or industry professional who has strong ties to New England. We define strong ties as someone who is a New England native or has lived here for a substantial period of time who has actively worked or is actively working here. (John Mayer who went to Berklee for one year does not qualify). The timeframe for consideration for this year’s awards are November 1, 2013 to October 1, 2014.

Who votes for the winners?

Once the ballot is created, our Nominating Committee votes for the winners. The Committee vote counts for 2/3, while the online public vote counts 1/3. At the Sound of Our Town event on October 4th we announced the nominees and opened up voting. If you were at the Sound of Our Town event and voted, your vote counted as 2/3 for that day only.

Nominating Process

We have a musically diverse nominating committee that selects the nominees for each year’s Boston Music Awards. We send categories to each of the members and ask for 5 nominees in each category, asking them to only nominate in the categories they know well. Each member gets one vote and the artists/bands with the most votes get on the ballot.

Ballots are then distributed to the committee and public voting goes live. Each committee member gets one vote per category (again encouraging them to participate in the categories in which they are fluent). The nominating committee votes count 2/3 while the public vote counts 1/3.

Our nominating committee is made up of people in the City who not only live and breathe music, but make a living at it. The group of 172 members is made up of:

-        47 Music Editors/Journalists who have been published in hundreds of publications across the US
-        28 Promoters and Agents who have booked thousands of shows in local venues
-        19 Radio Programmers and DJs representing a diverse group of genres
-        15 Music Business Executives – Retail, Online, etc.
-        14 Music Promotions/Publicists
-        12 Artist Managers
-        11 Music Producers
-        8 Tour Managers
-        8 Music Attorneys
-        6 Label Executives
-        4 Professors of Music

We are always trying to expand and improve our process, so if you or someone you know would like to participate, please email name and credentials to this address: jb@jakebrennanworks.com.


We are an all-volunteer organization, each of whom care deeply about music and in particularly the music created in Boston. Our staff works hard year-round to ensure artists are recognized, we throw a great party in their honor, and raise a lot of money for charity. Our staff and partners include:

Owner/Executive Director: Chip Rives
Producer: Jake Brennan
Production: Cristina Visconte, Jill Scangas
Sponsorship: Cristina Visconte, Melanie Meyers
Production Volunteers – Kellyann Martinelli, Jessi Eiras
Day of Volunteers – LOTS – Stay tuned…..
Voice of God: Tom Glynn


Venue – Revere Hotel
Sound – Bergsten
Awards – Honorcraft
Photography – SLY Photography
Printing – Ambit
Furniture rental- Party by Design

Charity – Music Drives Us

All proceeds from the Boston Music Awards goes to Music Drives Us. Music Drives Us is a New England non-profit organization supplying grants to music programs designed to effect positive change for people of all ages. The Foundation seeks out organizations and individuals interested in using music as a tool to better the lives of people in all segments of society. The focus of the Foundation is on:

Music Therapy – Using music to help people develop relationships and address issues they may not be able to with words.
Music Education – Funding scholarships for worthy music students in Boston public schools
Music Enrichment – Funding for New England school music programs and live performances

Last year, we raised over $60,000 for this amazing charity and hope to top that this year!

How do you purchase tickets?

General Admission and VIP tickets will be on sale shortly.

Thanks to our sponsors


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